Jacob Collier concert

Saw musician extraordinaire Jacob Collier in concert last week. A lot of fun. Sold out crowd of 1500. I just hope he picks a better venue if he returns. One thing I don’t get about concert crowds though –

At a party, your friend starts telling a joke you’ve heard her tell before. You do which of the following?:

  1. Interrupt repeatedly to tell everyone how good this joke is
  2. Start telling the joke along with her
  3. Enjoy the subtle changes and refinements in this version
  4. vicariously enjoy the first-time experience of those who haven’t heard the joke before

So why shout-out, sing-along-with or otherwise coverup the performance of an artist you (and others) paid good money to see and hear without being invited to do so? Especially when that artist already provides many opportunities for audience participation?

Not too long after I posted this a Jeopardy contestant from Seattle, Washington, Tory Waltrip, related how she was almost thrown out of a Celine Dion concert for singing along because, as she stated “it turns out strangely enough, people went to the concert to hear Celine and not me.”

Store almost ready

So I mentioned earlier that more changes were coming and now the biggest change is almost here!

I’ve added a store! Most of my music scores will be available here for purchase.

While the store isn’t ready to accept payments yet, it is built and the link can be found in the cording.org menu. So though it’s not quite usable, you can still see what it looks like etc.

I will announce here when it’s all functional. Stay tuned!

New Website up and running

I’m happy to announce a number of changes and improvements here:
1. a completely redesigned, adaptive website that works well with desktops and mobile devices.
2. all server communications are now secure, encrypted, and confidential (https).
3. now running on a resilient, high performance, high availability, high speed, low latency server.
More changes are coming! Stay tuned!

Veterans Day concerts tickets

Tickets went on sale today for two of the venues performing Veterans Day concerts featuring my music!
The concerts benefit K9s for Warriors, a Florida charity that rescues, trains, and pairs service dogs to returning soldiers who need them.
The performers are:
the Sovereign Brass
and Trinity Prep High School Choir.
Featuring all new music by local composers written especially for these concerts.
The content:

   an opening brass fanfare
   a choral work
   then: a series of poetry readings by local poets
         each followed by a work for brass ensemble
   with a final choral work.

My piece is the 2nd brass work, about Duty, Honor and Sacrifice.
So a great program, for a good cause!!
The first performance is 7:30 PM, Sunday, Nov. 9th, 2014,
at Trinity Prep High School Auditorium, Winter Park.
$20. You can get tickets here.
The 2nd performance is 7:30 PM, Monday, Nov. 10th, 2014,
at USF Concert Hall, Tampa.
Tickets on sale soon.
The 3rd performance is 7:30 PM, Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 2014,
at Community Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville (Atlantic Beach).
$30. You can get tickets here.
Get the word out, share with your friends.
Also a big thanks to our sponsors:
Bryce L West Foundation
Timucua Arts Foundation
Herschel Lasik
Full Sail University

Bad Lip Reading ?

Somehow, I’d missed this earlier.

Ever wonder what the football players are saying in the huddle, or what their coach is screaming from the sideline? Well, watch this and you’ll know:

more web site problems

Well I’m not having much luck. Today, I lost a router.

The short version is, as a result, the website was down for at least 4 hours that I’m sure of, maybe longer. I think I’ve got things cobbled together and everything appears to be working again, but this is sort of a temporary solution to keep me up and running. I’m going to have to give a long term solution some thought.

re: perpetual copyright

Mark Helprin, author of A Solder of the Great War and Winter’s Tale wrote an op-ed in the New York Times two years ago arguing for further extension of copyright protection. He wrote a book, solidifying his argument, called Digital Barbarism: A Writer’s Manifesto.

If Helprin is right, then I can’t share his persuasive arguments with you, because they are part of his book and under copyright. If I thought Helprin was right, my only option, to propagate his ideas and try to gain their universal acceptance, would be to recommend that everyone in the world buy his book. You can see the problem here.

Fortunately, those of us who think some intellectual property is important enough to belong to society at large and that after some limited period of protection all intellectual property should eventually revert to the public, that fair-use plays an important role in society, etc. are not so hampered by our belief system.

See the great discussion at the Lessig Wiki.

Talk about a boring recital

There’s a performance going on of John Cage’s As Slow As Possible in Halberstadt, Germany. BBC’s Steve Rosenberg was there for a rare chord change, the 7th, in the concert that started in 2001.

I’d go, but the good part doesn’t happen for another couple of hundred years. I probably won’t make the ending either, in 2640.

Hear the BBC story here.

Cable’s bandwidth problem

Great article on why upload speed matters. While cable companies continue to advertise ever faster download speeds, upload speeds are not keeping pace, are seldom advertised and may be downright difficult to find listed in the fine print. It’s the two-way nature of the internet that is revolutionary, that we can be both content providers as well as content consumers, that keeps the internet from being just another TV/CD player/DVD player.

See the article at App Rising.

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