the Decline of American Infrastructure

The original article I linked to (no longer available) claimed that the US infrastructure was at greater risk from our own government’s lack of foresight and neglect than from terrorists. And also mentioned the American Society of Civil Engineers Estimate that it would take $1.6 trillion just to bring America’s infrastructure up to a grade of B! That was over 14 years ago and still hasn’t been addressed. You may remember Trump pledged a $1 trillion national infrastructure program, but never delivered.

Here’s a new article, from the same source, of a similar nature: “Why new Infrastructure is a national imperative”.

How to foil wiretaps

Wired article about “How to foil wiretaps.”

Not quite sure how I feel about this. Is it a good idea to publish this?

On the other hand, can this information be trusted? If you are a conspiracy theorist, you might argue that this information was published at the government’s request. Maybe it’s really a way to tag calls that makes it easier for the government to know which ones they want to listen to? Or is our government really organized well enough to pull that off?

Hard to know – one way or another.