What Sweeter Music Can We Bring

Can you tell I write a lot of religious and Christmas music?

Here’s another original Christmas carol for string orchestra (or string quartet), What Sweeter Music Can We Bring.

Often, after completing a work, you are just too close to it to be able to assess it’s quality. And you have to believe in it while you are working on it! So it’s only after some time has passed that you can look at it with a more objective eye.

Usually, for me, listening to things I wrote later, all I hear are the “flaws”, what I’d do differently now, etc.

This is one of my few pieces where my opinion of it has actually risen over time. I’m very happy with it. I especially like how the excitement and energy of the climax generates such momentum that it carries on through the final statement of the theme.

Listen to: What Sweeter Music Can We Bring.

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