A Christmas carol

Last year, First United Methodist Church of Orlando liked one of my Christmas carols (originally for chorus and organ) so much that they commissioned an orchestral arrangement.

I probably wouldn’t have considered doing that on my own, and it turned out really well. Thanks, Bill!

Listen to: A Christmas Carol.

You can also download the text here.

Copyright system is broken

The MPAA claims that in a 6 month period it sent 11 million takedown notices to search engines and another 13 million to sites directly.


There are those who argue this demonstrates that copyright infringers have the upper hand. But keep in mind these are just takedown notices, the entertainment industry doesn’t have to prove any infringement took place, let alone operate with good faith or care. Many have noted that illegitimate takedown requests are common, mostly because there are almost no consequences for abuse.

Bad Lip Reading ?

Somehow, I’d missed this earlier.

Ever wonder what the football players are saying in the huddle, or what their coach is screaming from the sideline? Well, watch this and you’ll know:


Creative Commons 4.0 Licenses

Creative Commons just released the new version of their copyright license suite, and they look pretty good.

Choose a Creative Commons Version 4.0 License..

Of course, that makes sense. They reached the final version through a transparent process of public discussions, blog posts, mailing lists and open meetings, over a period of two years, and were able to reach a broad public consensus.

All that makes the secretive discussions, closed negotiations, and back room sessions about copyright policy by the Trans-Pacific Partnership all the more despicable.

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